Google Reader pitfall

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Yesterday, at the end of the day, I had my worst clickastrophe in a long time. Christmas and New Year’s have swamped by feed reading, so I had just about 500 unread posts in Google Reader. I have been thinning the posts out over the last two weeks, so that 500 represents the posts I wanted to out of the deluge that floods in via my endless subscriptions, so the signal to noise ratio among those posts was very good. But, fool that I am, instead of clicking ‘Refresh’ inthe header, I clicked ‘Mark All Read’ while I had all of the my feeds active. Aaiigghh!! No ‘Are you sure?’ prompt, no ‘undo,’ just ‘poof!’

Frustrating to say the very least. I know it’s my fault, but that’s a very bad setup, as far as I’m concerned. Live and learn, I guess. I’ll do more starring and queue my to-be-read posts there, rather than permitting them to dawdle in the unread pool.

[2007-05-08 update: See also here.]


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