Technology | What Jobs told me on the iPhone

An article in the Guardian (via Brent Simmons at by a former Apple salesman, about the vagaries of setting up a meeting with Steve Jobs, and Jobs’s 2002 comments to an NIH delegation about tablet computers and converged devices, a.k.a. iPhones. Good comments on Apple strategy, and entertaining insights on the quirks that Jobs permits himself.

Technology | What Jobs told me on the iPhone
Setting up an executive briefing at Apple is a bizarre process that takes a couple of months; if you also want Steve to grace the briefing, add another six weeks to run a formal request up the chain of command, including just about every detail but the DNA of the people who want to meet him.

With luck, and if Steve happens to be in town, you will get the commitment that unless something else turns up, he will drop by and stay as long as he feels necessary.


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