iSync and the iPhone

Apple iSync Icon
Over at Cult of Mac, Pete Mortensen is right on target when he writes:

the design and specific features of the mythical iPhone are irrelevant. What will make or break Apple’s next big thing is the application that connects it to computers. It already exists: iSync.


Since my old Palm III in 1998, the value of reliable, no worry data synchronization has been clear to me. Since then with a Palm Vx, a Sony Clie SJ-30, and now a Tungsten E2, the ability to press sync and get what you want where you want is a very powerful capability. My old Sony Ericsson T610 worked with iSync, a bit, but not enough to put one at ease, and that always rankled. Now, too, with my household’s iPods, I am spoiled by clicking a cable in and getting just what I want. iTunes and its Smart Playlists permit you to set up very complicated criteria, and extract combinations of music, podcasts, pictures, and video that would take forever if one were not relying on autmatic filters. [At some point I’ll explain the playlist I listen to every day, and how I generate that, but that’s grist for another post.]

When one reads about the frustration level so many feel about Apple’s .Mac service, right after people grouse about the price, the most common thing you’ll hear is frustration with syncing. If Apple wants a world beating phone, they’ll need world beating synchronization, and I hope that they can rev iSync so that it’s up to that task.


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