ArmsControlWonk: Chinese Test ASAT?

In some ways this is nothing more than rumor and in-un-do, but this is an alarming story to see surface, and given the current security circumstances, we need this like we need a hole in the head.

Although this idiotic move by the Chinese government will demonstrate why we don’t want hit-to-kill ASAT testing in orbit—that will be a long-term recognition. In the short-term, the Chinese will simply not be credible partners in efforts to keep space peaceful. Moreover, other countries could follow suit with their own anti-satellite programs, including the United States.

UPDATE: Aviation Leak has picked up the story, too, here.

FURTHER UPDATE: The National Security Council confirms the test now, as well:

Using a ground-based medium-range ballistic missile, the test knocked out an aging Chinese weather satellite about 537 miles above the earth on January 11 through “kinetic impact,” … [NSC spokesman] Johndroe said.



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