U.S. Tries to Interpret China’s Silence Over Test

I continue to be astonished at the coverage last week’s Chinese ASAT test (previous post here) is receiving in the American media. I think it’s fully justified, of course, but I also find the press more than a little myopic on this sort of story and the related policy issues, so I am pleased to be surprised. Since the test, the Chinese have maintained an unusual degree of silence over the test, its purpose, and its ramifications, which is now leading to interesting stories like this one in today’s NYT:

“It’s the kind of silence that makes you wonder what’s happening inside the country,” said another senior American official who has been monitoring the case. “I’m sure the Chinese leadership knew there were tests under way, in a general sort of way. But they don’t seem to have been prepared for a success, and they clearly had not thought about what they would say to the world.”


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