Stratfor Podcast

I wish podcasting had existed when I was commuting between 1996 and 2003 – actually, what I really wish was that iPods existed then, too, of course. But if they had, I would have enjoyed listening then to many of the podcasts that now exist. Of the ones I do listen to, many are so mainstream there’s little point suggesting them to you, but one of the more obscure ones I enjoy is from the firm Stratfor. Short for Strategic Forecasting, Stratfor is the creation of a man named George Friedman, and you can read all about his firm here.

Here’s the feed for their podcast:

Their own description is “Listen to Free Daily Intelligence Briefs from the world’s only “Shadow CIA”! Stratfor’s top experts analyze the most significant events around the world to keep you confidently informed and ahead of the game every day”

Listening to the Iguanas, “9 Volt Heart,” Plastic Silver 9 Volt Heart. Have iTunes? Listen here.


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