A million years ago, when I commuted to Philadelphia and had no kids, I read.  I read a lot. It was the major benefit of the commute, especially because in that dark age, before iPods and podcasts, I was not tempted to listen to anything. Alas, now I read so little that I am self-conscious about it. Self-conscious about how rapidly even good books put me to sleep, for example. Having admitted this about myself, I should explain that I do still read, just slowly, in the same manner that glaciers used to move before the earth started getting so toasty. What do I read? History, mostly, although more biography in the last few years, I suppose. Public policy, too, and my old flame – developmental histories of aircraft or other high-technology projects. At some point, I will assemble a list of some of my favorite books, but for now, I’m planning to stick with what I’ve been reading over the last year.

Rather than attempt one mega post which will take me forever to write, I figure I’ll cover each book in its own post.   We’ll see how far I get with this.


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