Duct tape does it all

Duct Tape

My eagle-eyed wife recently noticed two planters warts on my son Henry’s right foot (we suspect the pool as the attack vector). She called our pediatrician, and their suggestion was to smother the things under duct tape. So for the last week or so we’ve been putting tape on Henry’s foot and toe. It’s too early to say if it’s doing anything. Henry doesn’t seem to mind it at all, but he does pick it off quickly, so the rate of use is higher than I had anticipated. After googling a bit, I see that Lifehacker suggested this very remedy in February 2006 – MacGyver Tip: Heal warts with duct tape – so I gather this is common knowledge, even though it was new to us. I am so amused now when I open the medicine cabinet and see duct tape there – it really is good for everything. Amazing.


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