Google Reader annoyance

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I really enjoy Google Reader. Especially since the revision last fall, and also just recently when they drastically improved the emailing (thanks, Google Reader people). I subscribe to a goofy number of feeds, and after using Bloglines for a long time, I think Google’s product is pretty great. But… (you saw that coming, didn’t you?)

I tend to skim off the posts I know I won’t read, or I can read in a moment, as the day goes on, and then I accumulate a core of articles I’d like to gloss/read/study/follow up on in some way. I could use the star feature for this, I guess, but I cannot usefully get at my starred items by feed – you can only see them in bulk. And so I usually leave the articles I wish to pursue unread, and go back to them.

This bit me on the bottom once when I had a clickastrophe and marked all as read from the read all page. Aigh! I haven’t done that again, but I was reminded today that old unread items ‘vanish’ from Google Reader. What is up with that? Maybe they are trying to free me from the burden of so many unread articles, but what it means is that things I want to look at vanish. The event horizon for this is 3-4 weeks. Honestly, is is too much to park a post for a month while I wait to get to it? This leads me to being unable to trust Google Reader, and that simply stinks.


Update: It’s happened again on a much shorter time frame. Aargh.


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