Palm Treo 755p

Palm Treo 755p with Google Maps

As a long-time Palm user, I’ve watched the ups and downs of Palm – the company and the platform – with some real agony at times. I know that they are widely criticized for how slowly they are upgrading their Treo phones these days, and I won’t argue with that. Still, as a former Palm III, Vx, Sony Clie SJ-30, and now Tungsten E2 user, I cannot help but look at Sprint’s newly released Treo with admiration and envy. With a two-year contract, they charge you $280, and for that you get a machine that combines the best mobile OS and a terrific size and shape (‘form factor’ in CE speak). Sure it has a modest amount of RAM, old Bluetooth, relatively slow wireless data speeds, and a few other shortcomings – it’s still a terrific design in my book. Covet, covet.


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