Flickr Addiction

Sometimes I forget how addicted I am to Flickr, and then shots like these come along.

A young Englishman named James took these – I chose them for this post before I realized they were both his work – and now, through the magic of the internet there are shared around the world. I know it’s trite to marvel at that, but I do.

I have always thought of the SEPECAT Jaguar as a Warsaw Pact jet that escaped and wound up on the other side. It’s such a no-fuss design, especially as it aged and the bumps and lumps and over-wing launch rails accumulated. But it’s great looking, and this angle is simply spectacular. I am saddened at its recent retirement.

RAF Jaguar GR3 at Lossiemouth

Originally uploaded by JamesV9820

Now all eyes turn to the RAF’s newest design, the Typhoon. It’s been so long in development that I’m still a little astonished to see it in service. That’s one thing it and the F-22 have in common then. This plane bears a storied name, and while I hope it never has to prove itself worthy in combat, this shot makes it look very capable of doing so.

RAF Typhoon f2

Originally uploaded by JamesV9820

My thanks to James and all of the many generous photographers who make Flickr such a pleasure.

If you like this, I encourage you to check out this summary of all of the aviation photography I have featured here.


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