Time for a MacBookPro?

I try hard to avoid posting cheap shots at the Windoze crowd – I’m a Mac guy through and through, but I try to respect others’ decisions about their platform (or at least keep my opinion to myself). They may have corporate policies that compel their choice, they may be so comfortable with Windoze they decide they can put up with its foibles, or maybe they live under a big enough rock that they don’t know that real choices exist. (For this last point, I blame Apple’s smug and inadequate marketing over the years, but that’s another topic.)

Still, there are times when I read about a smart, experienced Windoze user whose having a disaster with that platform, and all I can think is: why do you do this to yourself?

Case in point, via Scoble‘s Link Blog and Sal Cangeloso, can be found in a post titled “Vista Redux”, by Matt Kohut, whose blog “Inside The Box” appears on the Lenovo blog web site. Mr. Kohut is a Lenovo Worldwide Competitive Analyst.

This gentleman decided he was going to upgrade his laptop, a Lenovo Thinkpad T60 of course, from XP to Vista. His post details numerous problems he faced, including driver issues, conflicting, proprietary vendor-specific utilities, and the need to install a new wireless card, among others.

Here’s the kicker, in my book…

“The install took much longer than I expected it would — nowhere near the 30 minutes I had heard from others. The base code and drivers copied from our DVDs quickly enough, but it took 3 ½ agonizing hours with multiple reboots before I finally had a system that was up and running.”

Clearly, when running a Mac, you trade some choice for the stability of a one-vendor solution. Just how much is that choice worth to you if that flexibility costs you that sort of lost productivity? I’m more than a little suspicious he could run Vista more satisfactorily on a new MacBook Pro than his T60, although it’s not hard to see why a Lenovo Worldwide Competitive Analyst might be a little reluctant to appear at a client’s toting an Apple machine. Maybe if he told the client he was simply analyzing the competition he could get away with it?

Even after Mr. Kohut more or less tamed Vista on his laptop, he still notes, “Oh, and I’ve lost one hour of battery life per charge.”

So again I ask, why are you doing this to yourself?


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