Remember The Milk = Da Bomb

Since October 2005, when I first read about Remember The Milk via Lifehacker, that site has been central to how I attempt to keep up with all of the things I need to do. Since their launch, the development team of Emily, Omar, and Bob T. Monkey has consistently added an impressive number of features to their creation.

While their more than 200,000 users love to nudge and cajole the team to code all sorts of strange additions to the site, they have worked hard to build a set of features that are broadly useful and lend themselves to a great deal of customization. Their site’s spare design means I am happy to look at it all day, and that’s important.

Conveniently, they just added Google Gears support, which means that thousands of nutty task-a-holics will be able to track all sorts of changes to their lists offline, and then when they are back online, sync all of their changes with the mothership. I think it’s just great that RTM has launched this capability so soon after Google first announced the capability. Is RTM the first to do this after Google Reader?

Emily has also just completed a “Getting Started Guide” which I suspect she has been working on for some time now. If you’re at all the kind of person who makes lists, I cannot encourage you strongly enough to try them out. They have an overview, too, if the guide sounds too detailed for your browsing style. Like so many amazing things on the net, the price is $0. Amazing.

An RTM tip I gleaned from their fora and just love: If you sign up for (a service that provides an 800 number where you can dictate a message and they email the text of your message wherever you wish) and then add Jott’s phone number to your cell’s speed dial, with the push of a button, you can call them, dictate a message, and have it waiting for you in your task list just as if you were a bigshot with a personal secretary. Great for when you’re out and about and there’s no computer handy.


Composed while listening to The Go-Go’s “Our Lips Are Sealed” and Cat Stevens’s “Bad Penny” from Buddha and the Chocolate Box.


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