To the pushy jerk at the lab this morning

It’s been awhile since my last rant here, but today served up another provocation. I had to have blood taken this morning, so I headed out to the local place that does these things. On my way into the office, I twice held the door for the man behind me because that’s what you do. I walked up to the unmanned desk, followed by this guy, and the sign says “sign in and be seated.” After a momentary pause, I realized the clipboard was on the clerk’s desk in front of us, and I was pondering the politeness of reaching over and grabbing it. The guy behind me has no hesitancy and grabs it, and then writes his name (Bernard Kelly) and his wife’s name (Alexandra Kelly) on the next two lines. And of course he sits down, and of course he and his wife have their blood drawn before I do and they returned to their busy day of being retired while I was even later to work.

How does a person muster that kind of gall? Part of me is glad I am polite enough to take that kind of idiocy but part of me wishes I could muster sufficient outrage to tell ol’ Bernie that butting in line was rude when he was in first grade, and now that he’s a retired schmuck, it’s still rude. Arrogant little… ahem. Enough said.


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