Reading Matter: The Road to Clarity

This Sunday’s New York Times Magazine has a terrific article about two men’s efforts, over a nearly twenty year span, to improve the legibility of America’s highway signs. If you have any interest in design, and typography in particular, you will enjoy this article a great deal. Entitled “The Road to Clarity“, it is the work of Joshua Yaffa. The tag at the end of the piece says Yaffa “is a recent graduate of the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. This is his first article for the magazine.” What a great start for Mr. Yaffa. I hope it is the first of many like it.

I do not know if the printed version offers the same illustrations as the online version, but there is an accompanying set of illustrations available online that is worth the time, too.



A final aside – I cannot help but point out that, although the article does not mention it, the slide show includes a screen shot that makes it perfectly clear the type was designed on a Mac. Of course.


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