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I’m a small-scale blogger. I know that. I have no ambition to be anything but a small-scale blogger. Still, I do enjoy seeing some of the things I write strike small chords, and of course the way I follow that is with the statistics WordPress offers with their blogging platform. If I had a mammoth blog, I’d use something with very fancy and detailed stats, but as it is I am perfectly happy with the limited information I see via WordPress. Why am I telling you this? For the simple fact that yesterday was, for no clear reason, a big day for my readership. I think it might be that I gained a new reader, or perhaps the FBI is building a case on me – I don’t know.

Anyway, this post is simple a welcome and a thank you to whomever rummaged through so many old posts yesterday. I hope you found some things you liked. If you want to remain covert (so much of the internet is simply digital voyuerism, after all), I understand. If you want to speak up and offer any comments – pro or con – about things around here, I am all ears. So email, IM, Facebook, or comment, or not, as you see fit.

Currently listening to “Under A Stormy Sky” from Daniel Lanois’s Acadie. Listen on iTunes here. [This is a song that will always be, in my mind, associated with the Fall of 1990, sitting in Park Place on Jon Piper’s couch (while it was still white) and listening to two CDs, both from Rich Corcoran: Acadie and the Cowboy Junkies’ Caution Horses.]


One thought on “Blog notes

  1. Wasn’t me, but I certainly know and echo your sentiment when some new person pops up and rummages about on mine, as well.

    …It always makes me a little nervous, too… “What if it’s someone I know…?”

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