Google Reader Trends

What’s that you say? A month has passed since I last shared my reader stats with the world? Well, then by all means, an update is in order.

To start, a small lament and an apology. I sometimes use Microsoft’s Live Writer blogging client, and I used that for my stats update two months ago, when it worked just fine. I used at again a month ago, and I thought it went fine then too. It did not. Instead of copying my post from two months ago, Live Writer wrote over it, so I am going to have to spend a little while getting round four onto its own page and trying to reconstruct round three. Aargh. I am using Live Writer for this post, too, but I am making extra double certain to post this via a blank start, to avoid further complications. Live and learn I guess.

Anyway, here are the earlier rounds of this exciting series: one, two, three, and four [3 + 4 will be fixed once those posts are repaired]. Here is the Google Docs summary of the stats. For all of these, I remain appreciative to the Google Reader team for making such a powerful tool available, including its trends feature, which underlies these manic posts.

With no further ado, here are the stats for the last thirty days:

From your 330 subscriptions, over the last 30 days you read 21,680 items, starred 4 items, shared 22 items, and emailed 36 items.

gtrends070928-4] gtrends070928-5] gtrends070928-6]


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