New Apple Laptop?

Clearly, something’s percolating at Apple, but will it just be a MacBook revision, or the super-slim, ultra-portable we’ve been hoping for since the demise of the Duo and the 12″ PowerBook? Time will tell. As you can see from my prior note here, I really have my eye on this part of Apple’s product line. Having said that, my wife’s MacBook is a great machine as it is, so it’s hard to know just how niche Apple is going to go with its products.

First, from today, reports about some sort of 13″ laptop being released at the same time as the Leopard launch. The report can be seen here. [Via Engadget.]

Next, from a few days ago, AppleInsider reports that Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster anticipates either a new machine smaller than a MacBook, or a large tablet, larger than an iPhone, due in the next four to six months.


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