Photos of inaugural run of wrapped Acela Express


First run of wrapped Acela trainset 16, as Train 2104 on Monday, November 12. Taken at the BWI station and photographed the inaugural run of the wrapped Acela Express.

The first Amtrak Acela Express train to be wrapped made its debut run on November 12, 2007. Acela Express train No. 2104, the 8:00 AM train from Union Station in Washington, D.C. to Penn Station in New York, NY, made the run over Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor covered with vinyl film bearing images of historical figures from the year 1968.


The wrap is an advertisement for the History Channel’s “1968 with Tom Brokaw”, a two hour special scheduled to air on December 9th. The exterior wrap is applied to both sides of the two locomotives assigned to this train, Nos. 2012 and 2013, and both flanks of all of the six cars in the trainset.




More pictures can be found here.

Thanks to a friend for the pictures.


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