Remember The Milk, reloaded

Remember The Milk logoI’ve written before about my fondness for the to-do management web site Remember The Milk. This Australian site is one of the pillars in my efforts to stay current with all the things I need to juggle. It’s simple and powerful, intuitive and flexible, and the other users have great suggestions for workarounds and alternative approaches if you get stumped on how to set something up just so. Plus, amazingly, it’s free, although they do now offer a chance to show your support and gain access to some special features with their Pro upgrade.

RTM wonder lady Emily announced on the RTM blog this week that they were rolling out a host of improvements to their site. It’s a great list, and it includes many things which first came to light among user suggestions on the forums, which shows how useful the back and forth there has been. New features include all sorts of things, but here are my two favortes:

  • The list view is improved with inline tags (a la Gmail) and icons to indicate recurrence and the presence of notes. So useful.rtm1
  • rtm2
  • Private addresses for iCalendar feeds means that I can now easily bring my RTM tasks into Google Calendar and then have a single, unified view of where I need to be and what I need to do. Gcal lets me easily generate a useful agenda, and combine that with PocketMods, and I can quickly generate very convenient checklists for getting through the day without needing to be on the computer the whole time.

If you’re interested in RTM, but not sure how to start, you can refer either to Emily’s Getting Started guide or you can read Gina Trapani’s RTM guide on Lifehacker. Lifehacker loves RTM by the way, and has a lots of good suggestions, too.


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