Google Reader Trends: October & November Update

Another exciting series of posts here at QES revolves around my obsessive compulsive review of my Google Reader RSS reading statistics. Ever since the Greader team launched this feature, I have periodically posted my feed reading stats – mostly to give me a sense of whether is I am getting better or worse, more efficient or more manic (or both), etc.

Previous items in this series are here: May, June, (July was botched), August, and September.

I took the requisite screen shots for my October stats, but I either forgot or lost the text string to generate some of my data, so there’s a hole in the bucket, dear Liza.

Greader Stats 20071031-3 Greader Stats 20071031-1 Greader Stats 20071031-2

Luckily, I have both the screen shots and the text I need for November, so that all follows below.

From your 348 subscriptions, over the last 30 days you read 20,173 items, starred 8 items, shared 10 items, and emailed 35 items.

Greader Stats 20071130-4] Greader Stats 20071130-5] Greader Stats 20071130-6]

Google Docs stats visible here. These stats are thrown off by my recent run-ins with the @#$ mark all as read button. Happily, that peril is behind me now.


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