Further Apple ‘thinbook’ speculation

Two pairs of new items to throw on this fire today, in the order they appeared in Greader:

  1. From AppleInsider: Apple, which in January is expected to take the wraps off its slimmest and sleekest notebook in years, is reported to have placed orders for a new breed of 13.3-inch LED backlight units with production-ready quantities scheduled for delivery this month. … Citing “industry sources,” Taiwanese rumor publication DigiTimes reports that Kenmos Technology and Taiwan Nano Electro-Optical Technology (Nano-Op) have both recently become suppliers of notebook-use LED backlight units (BLUs) for industry heavyweights Dell and Apple, with shipments to each supplier expected to soar in the near-term. … Of interest, DigiTimes notes that the component shipments to both Dell and Apple are “for high-end models,” reinforcing assumptions that the Mac maker’s upcoming streamlined notebook will fall somewhere between its existing 13-inch consumer MacBooks and its 15- and 17-inch professional MacBook Pro models.
  2. Same as in #1, only in MacRumors.
  3. AppleInsider, again: Apple sub-notebook to retail for $1500: [CNBC’s] Jim Goldman reported that a source close to Apple’s manufacturing facilities has confirmed that the company will launch its much rumored sub-notebook at Macworld [sic] in January and that it will also have a 3G iPhone on store shelves by June at the latest. Goldman’s report on the new sub-notebook, which cited unnamed sources who have supposedly seen the product, mentioned … that the device will be 50% thinner than the company’s existing MacBook Pro, employ NAND flash memory in place of a traditional hard disk drive, and that it will definitively arrive at Macworld. … In addition, he did contribute one piece of new information, namely that the device is expected to be priced aggressively at approximately $1500.
  4. MacRumors links to the same report and quotes Goldman as follows: he says he now has hard evidence that the smallest laptop ever from Apple is only weeks away. He says the device will feature a 12-inch screen and will be 50 percent thinner–and lighter–than current versions of the MacBook Pro. He says the product will not have a hard-drive, but rely on Flash memory instead and likely retail for around $1,500.

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