More Apple speculation…

» MacWorld rumblings: Expect a 11- to 13-inch screen on Apple ultra-portable | Between the Lines |

In a research note Monday, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster said that it’s likely that Apple’s ultra-portable Mac will carry a screen of 11 inches to 13 inches. Munster had anticipated a screen of 8 inches to 11 inches.Munster said:

Although we were anticipating an “ultra-portable” device with an 8″-11″ screen, our checks indicate the screen will likely be 11″-13.” That said, we continue to expect the “ultra-portable” MacBook to be Apple’s thinnest and lightest ever. It will likely be priced between the $1,099 consumer level MacBook and the $1,999 MacBook Pro. One contributor to the smaller form factor could be the use of NAND-based solid state storage. In Nov. Samsung introduced a 64GB drive, which we believe Apple would consider large enough to include in a new portable.

Munster also noted that the new portable could include touch technology similar to what can be found in the iPhone and iPod touch.


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