Serious Legos

Flickr offers, as always, amazing glimpses of others’ talents. Today’s find – the most amazing scale airplanes I’ve ever seen rendered in Lego.

English Flickr user Lego Monster has two planes that he has posted, and I cannot say which impresses me more.

The first is a General Dynamics F-111 Aardvark modeled in USAF markings of a Cannon AFB unit. There’s a whole set of twenty-five pictures of this masterpiece here.

F111 A Birdseye Extended

It’s not just the overall planform and profile that has been captured, but details like the distinctive, and complicated, main landing gear.

F111 Main carriage retracted

Moving on, the next jaw-dropper is an always iconic Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird.

B SR71 Blackbird angled above

There are is another twenty-five picture overview of this model which I recommend highly. Amazing attention to detail. Just magnificent.

Other works by a different builder here (B-1B), here (Su-27), here (E-2C), and here (F-15E).


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