Wave Graph

I track what I listen to via (They call it scrobbling.) You can find me here. Since June 2005, it’s tracked 120,890 songs I have listened to (that’s not unique songs, but unique listenings). Why in the world do I do this? To make pretty pictures, of course. In October, I saw this among Scoble’s shared items, which set my mind turning. The one I saw was generated by Lastgraph, but I have to say I’ve had no joy getting my data to render there. Last night, Google coughed up a link to a Windows-only app (boo) called Extra Stats. I put it through its paces today, and it cranked out a chart in no time. There are quite a few options, and I will add a few below to show what it can do. Pretty fun.

What interests me about these visualizations (similar to these comments), is how much I can remember about the point in time by looking at the waxing and waning of different musicians and albums. Music packs such an emotional punch, and it does so in a way that my brain really latches on to.
Normalized Wave Graph

Wave Graph

Wave Graph


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