Cowboy Junkies Sighting

Our TiVo, via TNT, served up a 1996 Law & Order recently, an episode titled “Aftershock” which was the final show of the show’s sixth season, which ended with the death of the lovely Jill Hennessy’s character (Claire Kincaid). In the course of this show, Benjamin Bratt’s character (Rey Curtiss) meets up with a young Jennifer Garner (Jaime) and after several hours of flirting they wind up in her apartment. My hat is off to whomever chose the music Jaime uses to seduce Rey, because it’s the Cowboy Junkies‘ cover of Lou Reed’s “Sweet Jane,” off of the 1988 album The Trinity Session, followed by “Hold On To Me” off the then-new Lay It Down. As a devotee of Margo Timmins’s singing for almost twenty years, I would easily rank these are her two most alluring tracks, so Law & Order’s soundtrack person clearly chose with great care.

Sweet Jane was the first song I ever heard by the CJ’s. My friend and neighbor, Marc F. (an accomplished musician and entrepreneur), burst into the room around 2AM one evening and removed whatever was in the CD player so he could put this amazing song in. I doubted his urgency until I heard her first notes, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Simply amazing.


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