Things not to do with a minty fresh 777

A) Buzz the tower at 28′ with the company chairman on board.

From the Daily Telegraph:

The maiden flight of Cathay Pacific’s new passenger jet was always intended to be a memorable event.

However, the VIPs and airline executives settling down to champagne and canapes on board got a little more than they bargained for when the British pilot performed a Top Gun-style stunt that would lead to him being sacked.

In an apparent effort to give the passengers and watching ground crew a treat, Capt Ian Wilkinson decided to “buzz” the control tower shortly after take-off and swooped the 230-ton Boeing 777-300 back over the runway just feet from the ground.

Hurtling through the air at 322mph, the pilot took the 365-seater jet down to 28ft above the ground for several seconds before pulling up.

Here is the not-very-good video of the stunt:

I think Capt. Wilkinson might consider the Blue Angels or Portugal as his next gig.


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