February’s Feed Reading

In a continued homage to the tools Google Reader has armed me with, I am updating my series on my feed reading stats. Think of it as a tip of the hat to the other OCD folks out there who might share this particular mania.

February was down from January’s inflated per-day average, but since that was an artifact of the Christmas holiday (and its associated net blackout), I think it’s fair to ignore January and see February as a further indication that I am getting more efficient and churning through my feeds.

The daily figures show a standard pattern, and reveal Presidents’ Day, too.

As an update to my earlier post, it seems Firefox on the Mac will give me the same detailed text overlay that I find in Camino and in IE on Windoze, so I guess there’s some setting in my Wintel Firefox that I have set wrong, since the overlays are still absent on my PC.


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