As a follow up to this post back in December, I just wanted to note that QES’s terribly modest view count rolled over seven thousand today. Readership has never been the goal of this little exercise, but still, I am vain enough to say I am pleased not to be writing purely for myself.

Two other notes – I mark a small number of interesting posts as worth reading via Google Reader. These can be seen here or you can follow a feed of them here. In the last thirty days, I have only flagged 23 articles, so it is low-traffic.

And finally, WordPress’s simple statistics now include enough detail that I learn I have four feed subscribers. Google Reader also shows QES as having four subscribers. It embarrasses me to admit that I am vain enough to even know this, but if any of those subscribers are real people, and not bots, I encourage you to leave a comment here and let me know who you are. If there’s a particular kind of post that you favor, or dislike, let me know what the masses demand.

And now back to planes, trains, Legos, and whatnot…


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