Back in November, I wrote a little post about how much it irks me when someone who doesn’t have the right of way at a stop sign waves you ahead. I ran into an egregious example of that on my way home today, and was reminded again how much that false generosity bugs me. It reminds me of my old math teacher’s dark desire to drive around a Dodge Dart with bumpers and simply drive into people who bug you on the road. Slowly. Obviously, not an actual plan, but it does sound satisying at times.

Bonus peeve of the day: people who use insure when they mean ensure. I assure you, they are different words – it shouldn’t be that hard to distinguish between them, and yet that mistake is made all the time.


2 thoughts on “Peevish

  1. I was googling him to see if there was something I could link to, and that turned up. He hasn’t approved my link request, most likely because he has no idea who the heck I am.

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