Google Notebook woes

If you have read any of my prior posts on my use of Google Notebook to catalog most of what I read on the web (most recent in the series here), you may recall that a month ago I was having all sorts of problems. Things got better for a spell, but they’ve died again, and I am once again unable to open or add to my Google Notebook log. While I realize I never paid anything for this service, it does make me wonder about relying on Google’s free services like this. If Gmail died on me like this, I’d be really up a creek without my email.

Here’s all I see these days:

Google Notebook error message

My use of the service had me blacklisted once before, and I will be curious to see if that’s again the case. It looks different this time, but that does not prove anything.


2 thoughts on “Google Notebook woes

  1. I have, via that link and via the email from the person who removed me from their blacklist after my last run in. I will try again, and if I hear anything, I will post back with an update. Thank you for the suggestion.

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