Who has the oil?

I follow Don Brown’s commentary over at Get the Flick. He’s a retired air traffic controller, and the majority of his postings are about air transport and air safety, which is right down my alley. He has a healthy interest in public policy as well, and he has a post this morning that included a map I had to pass on too. Don was watching C-SPAN where he saw this (bigger version after the break):

who has the oil

The next time someone asks you “Why is the Mideast so darned important anyway?” or “Why don’t we just drill in ANWR and the Gulf of Mexico and tell OPEC to buzz off?” simply refer them to the above image.

While I am mentioning others’ blogs, I should also note I found Don via The Atlantic’s Jim Fallows, who writes a fascinating blog here. He’s based out of Beijing these days, so he has a valuable perspective on America’s Chinese relations. Plus he’s got a new MacBook Air, so he’s clearly ‘got the flick’ on that, too.

Do you follow a blog or two or twenty that you find offers a unique take on things? Speak up in the comments.

This is large – you may need to control-click (or right-click) on it and choose View Image to free it from this blog’s narrow columnar confines.

who has the oil-b


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