QES Readership Update

It has been some time now since I last mulled over the miniscule readership stats of this here blog. I know I generate in eighteen months what a decent blog does when it sneezes, but still, I find the numbers of some interest even if they are small.

Now that WordPress has rolled over to July, here are the monthly tallies:

For some reason, my Tivo post has been on fire recently, usurping my Amtrak route map post’s previously unassailable spot as my top post. Of course, of nearly 16,000 views, the Amtrak map post has nearly 3,500 alone, while Tivo is a distant third overall with fewer than a thousand. I’ll be curious if their reversal is permanent or temporary.

I’m up to 331 posts now, and I’m glad they seem to be of some use to a few folks, so I suppose I’ll keep going. I will be fascinated if July’s traffic continues the pattern so far.


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