Friday pictures: B-25 Mitchell

This week’s subject is a picture by a Flickr photographer who is new to me – Michiel Harmsen, from the Netherlands. He has quite a few terrific shots, but the one that really caught my eye this week is a backlit shot of a taxiing North American B-25 Mitchell taken at the airshow in Bitburg, Germany this past weekend. This WWII medium bomber gained fame as the mount of Jimmy Doolittle’s Tokyo Raiders. I have so far followed a rule of thumb that all Friday pictures need to be airborne, but this week I am casting that aside. This one is simply too good to pass up.


My thanks to Mr. Harmsen for his beautiful photography. He generously makes the image available in enormous form, and it is even more compelling when viewed large.

As an aside, I believe this to be a B-25 painted in Red Bull colors (the plane’s markings are visible in other shots from the same set). A little googling suggests this B-25 is 44-86893. Retired to Davis Monthan in Arizona in 1957, it has been in civil service since 1958 (with a derelict period from 1969 to 1976). If you google N6123C, there is a great deal of information and pictures to be found on her. How wonderful she has survived to fly and be kept in such good shape.

If you like this, I encourage you to check out this summary of all of the aviation photography I have featured here.


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