A train afloat

Well, not really, of course. Still, I thought these aerial shots of a freight train proceeding cautiously across a stretch of flooded track were compelling enough to post. They arrived in my email with no attribution, just a notation they were taken in Reeseville, Wisconsin, on June 30, 2008.

Reeseville is about thirty miles northeast of Madison, if that helps you fix it in your mind. A map is here and the town’s web site is here. [Founded by father and son Reeses in 1844.]






I suspect the pictures are taken east-southeast of the town, here 0n Google, Yahoo, and M$. The town’s web site has a history section which says, in part, the following:

Two years before the founding of Reeseville, the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul railroad wanted to establish a short route to Portage and that meant crossing the marsh known as Mud Lake. In 1858 the railroad sent its first train west of Watertown over a route that extended through Reeseville to Portage and then to St. Paul. Sound tests of the swamp land were made. Bars were sunk 150 feet into the muck without reaching a bottom that engineers believed substantial enough to lay a foundation.


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