Notes on today’s iPod announcements

Apple‘s CEO Steve Jobs just announced that the new, 4G iPod nano as well as the new iPod touch will both have the ability to display (while playing a track) other tracks on the currently playing album, other tracks by the current artist, or to make a “Genius playlist.” This functionality sounds useful, and while I realize many, many people have thought about similar things, it does remind me of my post from June of last year, where I suggested building functionality akin to TiVo‘s swivel search feature into the iPod.

What I wonder about, given the above, is how the data necessary to generate a “Genius” playlist are stored on your iPod. I guess Apple plans to generate IDs for every track, and then using their whizbang mathematicians, build a matrix relating all of the IDs to one another, and that makes perfect sense to me on the desktop, but it seems like a lot of data to carry over to the iPod itself. Once this is in the wild, I really hope some clever person rummages around on their iPod and opens up the file that stores all of that information.


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