Friday pictures: Spitting fire

I have highlighted a Spitfire in a previous Friday pictures installment, and truth be told that design is such a beauty I could run Spitfires every Friday, despite my American bias. Still, such a lack of variety would be dull. Also, I have always chosen pictures of airborne aircraft prior to this week. What I seek in many of these pictures is a glimpse of the grace, the movement, the vitality of flight.

Curiously enough, this week that quality is found on the ground. In an image taken by an Irish gentleman, final gather, we see a split-second captured for our examination. The flames in the exhaust of a Spitfire’s Rolls Royce Merlin speak to the plane’s power, and are ephemeral. In this shot, we see them frozen for our contemplation.

I think it is magnificent that a seventy-year old machine can look this alive. My thanks to final gather for his picture.

If you like this, I encourage you to check out this summary of all of the aviation photography I have featured here.


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