Amtrak’s Boardman discusses electrification from FL to ME to Chicago

From Brian O’Neill, at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, in the article  A fast track away from oil dependency, which relates a conversation he has with Amtrak’s new president Joe Boardman

Mr. Boardman sees an electrified American rail system, both for passengers and freight. The passenger side is well-established in the Northeast, and he’d like Amtrak to move south from Washington, D.C., and eventually electrify an East Coast line from Maine to Miami.

Next up would be the routes from Chicago to Washington and New York. You dont have to be a geography major to know that Pittsburgh would be in that latter path.

Visions of the Pennsylvania Railroad’s plans from seventy years ago, aren’t they? Given the amount of time it took to string wires from New Haven to Boston, this idea is nothing less than audacious.


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