Warner Brothers cartoons

I know that as things age, they often lose their appeal. This seems to be especially true for media – the themes and art of one era do not often translate especially well to others. Case in point, sadly, is the collection of Looney Tunes from Warner Brothers. I grew up watching these every Saturday morning and the occasional afternoon during the week, and to me they really are a touchstone. The characters, the humor, and glimpses of American culture in the 1940 and 1950s – all terrific. Today I stumbled across the fact that there are all sorts of complete Looney Tunes on YouTube. I guess I should have figured this out, but I am slow.

There are so many terrific cartoons from this collection, and I am not going to take the time right now to rummage for all of my favorites – What’s Opera, Doc?, The Rabbit of Seville, and many of Chuck Jones’s masterpieces, for example. For the moment, I will simply leave you with one I remember vividly from years ago, and have not seen in ages and ages. These will be watched heavily in my house – I owe it to my kids to ensure their cultural literacy includes these.


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