Wilmington train station to receive $21 million rehab with stimulus funds


From the Amtrak release detailing how it will program the stimulus funding it will recieve:

Restoration of the Wilmington, Delaware station – $21 million. With $21 million in Recovery Act funding, plus additional funding from the State of Delaware and other sources, Amtrak will make restorations to Wilmington, Delaware’s historic century-old Victorian trainstation. The project will incorporate the rebuilding and restoration of the interior of the station buildings, improvements to make the buildings entirely accessible for those with disabilities, restoration of the building’s terracotta façade, and the replacement of the track and supporting infrastructure which runs through the station. In addition to increasing comfort and convenience for passengers using Amtrak’s eleventh busiest station, the project includes the construction of a third high-level platform, which will significantly increase the capacity of the station. Amtrak estimates that the project will result in 168 person-years of work for those directly employed in the restoration of the station.

Many aspects of this station need substantial work, and are longe overdue. This is great to see. I am sure the Friends of the Furness Railroad District are delighted with this turn of events. Having said that, some good questions have been raised about some fairly bleak appearing proposals Amtrak has put forward for the interior. Here’s hoping that can be avoided.



One thought on “Wilmington train station to receive $21 million rehab with stimulus funds

  1. i am happy to see that the train station will get some needed attention, but i am disappointed by the artist’s rendering in the posted link — what a boring, sterile proposal! the station as it exists today is much more comfortable and down-to-earth.

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