A moment of genius…

Anyone who has looked at this blog for more than a moment knows I like Legos. I cannot help myself. Since my grandmother returned from Germany in the early seventies with some terrific Lego kits, I have been hooked. My kids are hooked, too, although the sets today offer different (and to my mind, diminished, satisfactions) than the sets of long ago. While they foster results that look more realistic in some ways, many of these pieces are not at all versatile in nature, and do not leave as much room for imagination as the more limited array of pieces and colors of yesteryear. I sincerely enjoy modern Lego creations, but I often feel saddened by them, too.

Finding a creation that is so unique and innovative in its use and expression via Lego brick that I forget these hesitations is rare, but I present below one that is a moment of genius.

Flickr user Legohaulic, apparently named Tyler, created this nautilus using half-spheres, an array of organic shapes, and some radar dishes. To me, it barely looks like Lego, and in some ways, that is as high a compliment as one can offer a Lego builder as can be. I think it’s wonderful.

Hat tip: The Brothers Brick


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