Happy 2014

I suppose I must start with the obligatory apology for the long pause since the last post. Life gets very full, and the run up to Thanksgiving, followed by Christmas and the many events that surround that, swallowed up the last two months.

If I were somehow smarter about just writing some funny, small snippet and posting that here, perhaps that would be better than the long pauses. Yet I find that mildly amusing, throwaway observations are so much better suited to chit-chat with my friends on Facebook and they do not seem to fit here.

I do have five or six draft posts I have been kicking around, and I plan to dust a few off and post them here going forward into the new year. I enjoyed the last few months of writing more frequently here, and a kind number of you have been very encouraging about asking for more, so I will try to serve up some more regular offerings. A number of other things are frustrating me mightily in the day-to-day, and I find it hard to set them aside and focus here. Some writers clearly turn to writing as an escape, as therapy, or as procrastination, but of late I have found it easier to write when other things seemed nailed down, and they just do not at the moment.

If anyone ever cared to offer any thematic suggestions, I have been known to take suggestions, so feel free to speak up.

Best wishes to you all for a healthy, safe, happy, and fulfilling 2014.


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