Friday pictures: Douglas then and now

For quite a few years now, the Air Force has included so called Legacy Flights as a part of many airshows. These fly bys match one or more modern aircraft with one or more Warbirds, usually making for an intriguing combination. For the most part, the planes involved are fighters – P-51s, P-47s, P-39s, andContinue reading “Friday pictures: Douglas then and now”

Rotary-wing Legos

I have managed to resist the urge to pass on any more scale Lego aircraft for almost two months (since this pair), but a pair of shots from Ralph “Mad Physicist” Savelsberg left me no choice. We have previously seen his Boeing CH-46, but he now has build a model of its big brother a U.S. Army CH-47 Chinook,Continue reading “Rotary-wing Legos”

Friday pictures: World War II archive

I apologize for skipping a few installments of Friday pictures – work and Thanksgiving derailed me a bit, but I am back with a longer entry today, in part to make up for those missed posts. With no further ado… As I say nearly every time I write these, Flickr offers an amazing chance toContinue reading “Friday pictures: World War II archive”

The Unwanted Carrier

A few weeks ago, I suggested you check out Information Dissemination for an update on India’s troubled acquisition of the Russian carrier Admiral Gorshkov (a topic covered previously here). Good ol’ ID has a new post with further details and speculation, and if this is of interest to you, I encourage you to head overContinue reading “The Unwanted Carrier”

Friday pictures: Blaze of Glory

The Portland Airport is home to the 142nd Fighter Wing, which is part of the Oregon Air National Guard. Equipped with McDonnell Douglas, er, Boeing F-15 Eagles, the Redhawks provide air defense for the Pacific Northwest. They also attract a dedicated group of photographers on Flickr, who chronicle the unit’s operations in wonderful detail. ChiefContinue reading “Friday pictures: Blaze of Glory”