QES Readership Update

It has been some time now since I last mulled over the miniscule readership stats of this here blog. I know I generate in eighteen months what a decent blog does when it sneezes, but still, I find the numbers of some interest even if they are small.

Now that WordPress has rolled over to July, here are the monthly tallies:

For some reason, my Tivo post has been on fire recently, usurping my Amtrak route map post’s previously unassailable spot as my top post. Of course, of nearly 16,000 views, the Amtrak map post has nearly 3,500 alone, while Tivo is a distant third overall with fewer than a thousand. I’ll be curious if their reversal is permanent or temporary.

I’m up to 331 posts now, and I’m glad they seem to be of some use to a few folks, so I suppose I’ll keep going. I will be fascinated if July’s traffic continues the pattern so far.



As a follow up to this post back in December, I just wanted to note that QES’s terribly modest view count rolled over seven thousand today. Readership has never been the goal of this little exercise, but still, I am vain enough to say I am pleased not to be writing purely for myself.

Two other notes – I mark a small number of interesting posts as worth reading via Google Reader. These can be seen here or you can follow a feed of them here. In the last thirty days, I have only flagged 23 articles, so it is low-traffic.

And finally, WordPress’s simple statistics now include enough detail that I learn I have four feed subscribers. Google Reader also shows QES as having four subscribers. It embarrasses me to admit that I am vain enough to even know this, but if any of those subscribers are real people, and not bots, I encourage you to leave a comment here and let me know who you are. If there’s a particular kind of post that you favor, or dislike, let me know what the masses demand.

And now back to planes, trains, Legos, and whatnot…

QES: The first year in numbers

This past week marked a very modest anniversary, and being the OCD stats guy that I am, I took the opportunity to run some numbers to see how the past year has gone in purely quantitative terms. Before I begin, I realize these numbers are all miniscule – I’m fine with that.

First off, from a numbers point of view, what did I put into this blog? Between its inception on January 3, 2007 and December 31, 2007, I posted 204 items. I will not comment on the quality of those 204 posts, but there you have it. While the average would seem to be four per week, the average is misleading. From one-a-day in January to seven posts in the next three months, there’s been a lot of variance in my posting rate, but the last few months show a more even pace which I hope to maintain.

Over the year, WordPress reports I had 2,996 views of these posts. They associate 2,419 of those views with specific posts leaving 577 views (19%) associated with a homepage landing rather than one specific post. The other 81% is made up of 181 different posts, leaving 23 posts without any views tied to them. I don’t know which they are, but that would be worth pursuing at some point.

The top five account for 675 views (28% of known, 23% of all): Great Amtrak Map Using Google Maps (204); More ultra-slim Apple laptop rumblings (184); Google Reader Annoyance (108); TiVo Hard Drive Failure & Replacement (92); and 2001: A Space Odyssey comes to HD (87). I am pleased about the third and fourth results, as they are posts I worked on, but the first one amuses me. Clearly Amtrak‘s own route map must stink if my little post on this issue can attract so much traffic. I am surprised by the 2001 post being so high, but since Apple rumors are like catnip on the web, the second post makes perfect sense to me. (I am very curious to see that MacWorld brings us next week once we have the CES show behind us.)

The distribution of views seems to me to look very long tail-ish, but I am not going to do the math to confirm that – a quick eyeballing seems sufficient to me. (Thanks, Google Docs.)

Long tail viewing distribution of 2007 QES posts

Now that I have covered what was viewed, the other stats to pursue address when. Here is the answer to that, graphically:

I’m pleased with that. It shows real growth, and maybe by the time I’m sixty or so, I’ll be able to monetize my traffic sufficiently to buy myself a Coke every few months. Clearly, this blog is not about traffic and income, but I cannot help but look at the stats like this when WordPress so kindly makes them available to me.

My thanks to WordPress for their blogging platform, and more than anything, to my readers – all three of you – and to the few brave souls who have gone so far as to comment here. I hope I can continue to deliver a rich medley of commentary and amusement in 2008.

2,000th view

I plan to write up a post in January summarizing the thrilling highs and lows of my first year of blogging, but I wanted to note, for my own purposes more than anything, that the view counter here at QES rolled over 2,000 today. That’s about five minutes of traffic on a big blog, but here in the backwaters I’m pleased to have reached that little milestone. Thank you for your readership, all six of you!

Ways in which I am a dope #5,843

It seems the template I am now using on this blog no longer has a link to the about page for this blog. Hmm. Not that big a deal, as I suspect few people are banging down the doors for the information there, but still… an about page with no link to get there is pretty dumb. So, with no further ado: About.

Later addition: for those who arrived here via a Google search along the lines of “what does quod ero spero mean?”, please click on the above link for About.